Who We Are

We are Baptist:

We are committed to upholding those doctrines that have been dear to Baptists throughout their long and storied history.   The most significant Baptist distinctive is a commitment to baptizing only those who are born again confessors of faith in Jesus Christ.    We also teach and preach the doctrines of grace as did the founders of our denomination.  Our confession of faith can be found on the what we believe page.

We Are Evangelical:

We are committed to teaching and defending conservative orthodox Christian doctrine. The inerrant and infallible word of God is the foundation for all we believe and practice. We take seriously the task of evangelizing our families, community, nation and world believing Christ to be the only way of eternal salvation.

We are Missional:

We voluntarily support with prayers, involvement and finances Great Commission Baptists, The Kentucky Baptist Convention and The Elkhorn Baptist Association.  Through Samaritan’s Purse and Operation Christmas Child we send shoeboxes around the world to spread the gospel.  We also support other missionaries throughout the world through independent mission organizations.

We are Relational:

We believe discipleship happens through relationship.  We pursue opportunities to spend time reading God’s word and praying in small groups and one to one.  If you would like to be discipled by another Christian please call our pastor at (859) 351 2623.